Checklist For Document Recordability 

  1. All documents must be originals or certified copies.
  2. Please show the order in which you want your documents recorded and clip or staple pages of documents together and place them in that order so that we can record according to your intent.
  3. No document will be eligible for re-recording unless it has new signatures and new notary acknowledgements per T.C.A. 66-22-101.
  4. Name and address of person or firm who prepared the document.
  5. Grantor and grantee must be clearly identified on every document to enable proper indexing and identification for the daily notebook report per T.C.A. 8-13-108 (a)(3).
  6. Name and address of new owner must be on any document conveying property.
  7. Name and address to whom the tax statement should be sent must be on any document conveying property.
  8. Map and parcel number must be on any document conveying property.
  9. Legal description of property.
  10.  Derivation (source of title – book and page of document by which property was conveyed) must be on all deeds of conveyance and trust deeds.
  11.  Assignments, releases and amended, modified or corrected instruments must give the book and page to which they should cross reference.
  12.  Signatures of proper parties.
  13.  All signatures must be notarized.  This includes notary seals and expirations dates.  Please be sure notary seal is dark enough to show on a reproduced copy.
  14.  Send correct fees and charges as applicable.
  15.  Any attachments or exhibits referenced in the document.
  16.  On any document evidencing indebtedness, a Maximum Principal Indebtedness statement must be included:  “Maximum principal indebtedness for Tennessee recording tax purposes is $________.”
  17.  An Oath of Consideration statement must be included on any document that conveys property.

State of ___________ County of __________

I/we hereby swear or affirm that the actual consideration for this transfer or the value of the property transferred, whichever is greater, is _____________which amount is equal to or greater than that which the property would command at a fair and voluntary sale.



Subscribed and sworn to before me,

This ______day of ______, 2009.


Notary Public

My Commission expires:__________



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